Custom Designed Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks Complete The Outfit

A Nice Shirt Can Really Have The Pace if it is Supplemented with Personalized Cufflinks.

The elegance of this little jewelry for men can be enough to define a style and speaks volumes about the character of the wearer. The tie knot is supposed to be the developer of personality but the cufflinks can say a lot too. They indicate quite clearly tastes and design and offer elegance to the wearer. Whether as a gift or for your own use, you have to choose them carefully.

Custom Cufflink Samples

Custom Cufflink Samples


The Pin People is the foremost expert in the creation of personalized cufflinks and custom made products.

Do You want to offer a special gift for a special person? You already have a great collection of shirt accessories and want to go further into madness? Are you getting married and would like your cufflinks to signify a date so special? Custom made cufflinks are for you!

When the cufflinks are well chosen, they can give a touch of elegance and originality to your attire. Classic, themed or messaged cufflinks are a reflection of your personality. This could not be more logical for our company, specialist in this field, which can offer you cufflinks to customize? For an original gift idea, we offer you to discover our personalized cufflinks catalog and choose from our options.

Colored Cufflinks

You can choose between personalized cufflinks crafted with the following materials.

  • Gold Colored: Composed mainly of zinc and copper, this material allows a great diversity in the shapes of cufflinks.
  • Silver Colored: This precious metal offers great malleability and durability over time.
  • Black Metal: Black metal creates a very unique product that could very well accent the rest of the attire
  • Rhodium plated: This rare steel has the distinction of being stainless, which retains the silver appearance of your personalized cufflinks for a longer period.
  • Soft Enamel Cufflinks: This process allows you to create words or use images to create the perfect piece. You can use a logo that will be be filled with PMS colors to create something really extraordinary.
  • Colored Cufflinks: If you are looking for a simple design and just want to color coordinate then we can definitely assist you with that! Cufflinks can come in Red, Black, Blue, White, Green, or any other color that you can imagine.

The material must be matched with other accessories in the holding: the watch and other jewelry and belt buckle. All these must normally be of the same material or otherwise, of the same color (e.g. gold and gold metal or silver, aluminum and silver plated). Also, note that you can match the color of your cufflinks with the color of your watch strap.

Adding A Personalized Image Or Text To Cufflinks

We also offer the creation of personalized cufflinks made of metal which requires a screen printing machine at the forefront of technology. Whereupon the image positioned on the metal adornment (which acts as a support) and an epoxy coating is placed over the image. The image then becomes protected and cannot be altered. The rendering is very smooth and the image print does not disappear over time. These techniques allow us to offer all types of customizations starting from the text to the photo or image of your choice (as long as it is free of rights) and a product of high quality and originality.

The Pin People Quality

Our products are selected according to quality criteria and strict elegance. Made by artisans with unique know-how, our products are made of natural materials carefully selected by us. Our company is committed to transparency in its activities. We wish to inform our customers of the origin and the stages of the manufacture of our products. We promise not to share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties.

Discover the charm and elegance of the most beautiful cufflinks to make an original and personalized gift for stylish men! Ideally, you can choose between several styles of buttons: it is necessary to have one or two classic pairs that will go with all the shirts and on all occasions, and treat yourself with the original cuff to give a rock-n-roll side to your suit and tie on days when you feel nonconformist or where you wear the shirt without a jacket.

It’s your turn! Your imagination is the limit, indulge yourself! The Pin People is standing by to help you create those perfect custom made and personalized cufflinks.

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