Custom Hard Enamel Lapel Pins - Epola

Resin Epola is the most popular lapel pin style. “Misty Cloisonné, Resin Cloisonné, Imitation Cloisonné or Hard Enamel” are the other names used for Resin Epola. Even though some refer to this style as “Imitation Cloisonne”, Resin Epola lapel pins are simply a newer style of pin that was not available years ago.  This style pin is extremely high quality and affords the use of any PMS color, which the traditional Cloisonne style does not. It is a fabulous alternative to cloisonné at a more reasonable price.  Hard enamel pins allow very fine metal detail.

Resin Epola Lapel Pins or Hard Enamel Pins Process:

Resin Epola Lapel Pin Samples

Resin Epola Lapel Pin

Epola is a resin-based substance that is heated to create a bright, hard, enamel-like finish. Epola has the similar process to cloisonné. It uses a brilliant colored resin in recessed areas and allows Pantone color matching system. A die is cut to the image of your design, your image is stamped on the sheet of copper, and the pins are cut out to the outline of the design shape by shaping a mold. The product is heated to 800-900 degrees. After being baked at a very high temperature, the glass enamel is sanded and polished to flush out the metal lines that separate the colors. In this process, it reveals small details beautifully and it gives a glassy smooth finish and lustrous quality to each piece.  And also, silk screen printing is added in the process. Resin Epola lapel pins are more defined, colorful and offers a smoother surface than soft enamel pins. Usually, epoxy coating is recommended in this process.   This process allows for small metal detail that you would not be able to produce in other styles.  Epola style pins also are very durable.  With Cloisonné lapel pins can break or fracture if dropped, because they are basically made out of glass.  We have put Epola pins through the wash and they emerged looking as though they were just unpacked.  If you are looking for fine detail, bright colors, and durability, then the Epola process is the choice that should be made.

Materials that are can be used in the Resin Epola lapel pins process:

  • brass
  • iron
  • zinc alloy
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum

Hard Enamel Pin Standard Thickness:


Lapel Pin Plating Options:

  • gold
  • silver
  • nickel
  • black nickel
  • bronze
  • chrome
  • copper
  • misty plating
  • antique gold
  • antique silver
  • antique copper
  • antique bronze
  • chromium
  • rhodium
  • matte gold
  • matte silver
  • matte nickel
  • two tone

Ordering Custom Resin Epola Lapel Pins – Hard Enamel Pins

Epola Pins are the new cloisonné pins. Epola also known as Hard Enamel has been used to make pins for the past decades. It is the highest quality pin and it was characterized by the fact that there are thin metal lines separating each color of your pin.  Cloisonné can only use a handful of colors but hard enamel pins can have over 1,000 Pantone colors used in the making of the pin. Also, Epola pins are also cheaper to make and they offer a faster turnaround time. For this reason, most customers that are in need cloisonné pins choose the Resin Epola Lapel Pins process.