Custom Made Cufflinks

Custom cufflinks are a great way to express and draw attention to yourself in a good way. Although they speak volumes about a person, the most important thing they say is style.

We can easily take any corporate logo or design and turn it into a beautiful pair of classy, eye-catching cufflinks. Cufflinks can be created in any shape or size, and can be plated in any type of metal.

Custom Cufflink Samples

Custom Cufflink Samples

Custom Gold and Silver Cufflinks

We have found that the most common plating used for custom cufflinks is either gold or silver. We also offer, however, different shades of copper, nickel, black nickel, and bronze.

If you are looking for custom cufflinks then we can help.  We can design and create beautiful cufflinks from your design.

Bold Branding Statement in Personalized Cufflinks

Custom Designed Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks

Cufflinks have made a hard impact return to the apparel world.  The personalized and custom branded cufflinks have had increased interest to make a bold statement for branding.  Restaurants branding experts and corporate branding professionals have incorporated cufflinks into their uniforms or branding for their organizations.  Many of them feel as though the little touch of a logo or a organizational design goes a very long way to display their message.

Cufflinks for Grooms

Cufflinks for grooms, groomsman, a best man or a wedding party has become very popular over the last few years.  When wearing a tuxedo, cufflinks are usually required and custom custom cufflinks can be a really nice touch and gift, at the same time.

Whether you want wedding cufflinks to something personalized, that is meaningful to the people that are in the bridal party such as an inside joke, a saying, or maybe to remember the day.

If you are looking for personalized cufflinks for a groom, we are able to help.

Custom Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks

Cufflinks Have Two Basic Components

The first component is the face or the adornment.  The adornment would be your design which is then attachment is affixed to the cufflink attachment.

Cufflinks can be created in silver or gold metal coloring finishes.  Although we have a minimum order of 100 pieces, 50 sets of cufflinks, there are additional options available if you need is less than 50 sets of custom cufflinks.

The cufflinks are part of the mix and match program.  Because we create the adornment and then attach it to the cufflink attachment, we can create other items as well in order to meet the 100 piece minimum threshold. We would simply mount the adornment on other products that we offer.  For instance, with the adornment we can create 20 sets of custom cufflinks (40 pieces), 30 lapel pins, 20 money clips, and 10 tie clips would meet the 100 piece minimum order threshold.  All products, except key chains are available in the mix and match program.

Ordering Custom Cufflinks

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about our custom cufflinks or our mix and match program.

Find out how easy it is to have your logo placed on a set of custom cufflinks.  Custom cufflinks are just a click away.

Custom Cufflinks FAQ

What are custom cufflinks?

Cufflinks are used to secure button shirt cuffs and may also be an item of jewelry for boys and men and are designed for use with shirts which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons.  These may be either single or double-length (“French”) cuffs, and may be worn either “kissing,” with the ends pinched together, or “barrel-style,” with one end overlapping the other.  Custom cufflinks are made with your logo or design to add branding or flare as an accessory to your apparel.

How much do custom cufflinks cost?

The cost of custom cufflinks can range from $.59 or less, up to several dollars per piece.  The cost is determined on the cufflink style, size, quantity, amount of colors and additional options that might be sought.  The standard cufflinks are created as an adornment, or the flat face of a lapel pin and then a cufflink attachment is added rather than a traditional pin post.  You can see our lapel pin pricing chart here and then you traditionally add a dollar per unit.

How do I make my own personalized custom cufflinks?

Making your own cufflinks will start with a concept of a design that you would like to have created.  This concept can be written in text, drawn by hand, a digital design, or you can you use an online lapel pin designer.  Once the design concept is completed you can email your concept to our team to get a quote and digital mockup, which can be tweaked to ensure it is perfect. Once you are happy with the design you place your order and your cufflinks will arrive within the quoted time period.

What is your minimum order requirement?

We don’t have a minimum order requirement.  You can order 1 set of cufflinks or thousands of sets of cufflinks.  For the best pricing we do suggest 100 pieces or more for your order, however, this is not required.  You can also mix and match your cufflinks with other products such as lapel pins, money clips, tie clips or more.

Are you located in the United States?

Yes, The Pin People is located in Montvale New Jersey.

Do you offer free artwork and shipping?

Yes, absolutely! We offer FREE art and design services with every order!  We also offer free standard shipping on all orders.