Custom Screen Printed Lapel Pins

Are you looking for effective and highly impressionable memento or recognition signs, then you should look at custom screen printed lapel pins.   Do you want to spruce up your company’s recognition and award program with affordable lapel pins? If so, consider the allure of screen printed lapel pins in their entirety. These lapels pins are highly versatile that’s why they render themselves useful for many purposes.

Although screen printing is a fairly new technology, it works pretty with complex designs and colors. The beauty of offset lapel pins lies in the fact that it is possible to make quick changes on designs just before printing. Having diligently served a great number of esteemed customers, The Pin People is delighted to share with you the following details about custom screen print lapel pins and how to order them.

Benefits of Screen Printed Lapel Pins

Like most types of lapel pins, custom screen printed lapel pins are affordable and highly customizable.

Custom Screen Printed Lapel Pins

Screen Printed Lapel Pins

You can use these lapels pins creatively in a number of ways. For instance, if you want to create a perfect custom design of your logo on your pin as you would in ordinary print then screen printing is the perfect solution. Here are some of the inspirational ways you can use screen lapel pins in your organization.

  1. recognize perfect attendance
  2. honor and commemoration programs
  3. volunteer appreciation
  4. special recognition on important events
  5. present affordable awards

There is no better way of celebrating or commemorating individual and team accomplishments than by awarding custom offset lapel pins. These pins evoke a strong sense of pride on recipients as they represent several years of commitment for a just cause or company service. If you need some inspiration on screen printed lapel pins for employee recognition programs, commemoration, and awards then request a free quote from The Pin People.

Custom Screen Printed Lapel Pins – The Manufacturing Process

The Pin People has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing custom screen printed lapel pins.  From our experience, we know that screen printing of lapel pins suits art with logos that when thin metal separation lines are not an option.  We create lapel pins by printing custom art on vinyl and other substrates after which we apply the same on thin metal pins.  Most importantly, we make full use of color reproduction with sufficient coloring and details and that’s why the resulting screen print lapel pins have great design effects.  Our design team can help you match the company or team colors in screen printing.

Ordering Custom Screen Printed Lapel Pins

The Pin People has simplified the process of ordering screen printed lapel pins. All you have to do is to provide our design team with a copy of your lapel pin design.  If you need some inspiration, then present your ideas to our design team.  Our designers will help you maximize the effect of your artworks and design on lapel pins.  We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, that’s why we’ll give you time to review designs from our team.  Once you approve the design, we will proceed with screen printing the lapel pins.  Our teams work expeditiously and you can rest assured that you lapel pins will be delivered within a week.

Order custom screen print lapel pins from The Pin People and create a lasting impression in your company today!