Custom Photo Dome Lapel Pins

Photo Dome pins are an inexpensive and relatively quick to manufacture. When a design requires color gradients, does not allow for metal lines to separate colors, or involves a picture, then Photo Dome is the proper lapel pin style.

What are Photo Dome Lapel Pins?

Photo Dome Lapel Pin Sample

Photo Dome Lapel Pin Sample

Photo Dome lapel pins or ‘quick pins’ are perfect for quick turnaround situations where you need quality lapel pins but don’t have very much time. Essentially, they have a printed image place on top of a stock vinyl base and are covered with a poly dome or epoxy. Images and logos with a great amount of detail can be used. Colors can be blended; bleeds and gradients can be accommodated and they are very cost effective.

Is Photo Dome the right process for my lapel pin design?

Photo Dome pins are best suited for designs that require a color gradient or when colors cannot be separated by thin metal lines. All photo dome pins have an epoxy dome on top of the design. The thickness of this pin design is usually thinner than a normal lapel pin.

How are Photo Dome Pins produced and manufactured?

You choose a custom shape and size of your photo dome pins or choose a standard round, square or rectangle design. The image portion of your pin is printed using the 4-color CMYK process. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) You can further customize your pins by using metallic Mylar film. The photo portion is then cut to size and placed on the lapel pin blank. A poly dome or epoxy is then added to protect the vinyl image. A pin backing is then applied to the reverse side of the pin.

What is the difference between Photo Dome and Printed Pins?

Photo Dome pins utilize stock sizes of vinyl blanks, your image is printed using a 4 color process similar to a color laser printer on high quality stock allowing for virtually unlimited colors, shades and gradients. Photo dome pins can be produced and shipped to you the same day. Screen Printed pins are a more involved process while photo dome pins are the choice when you need extremely quick turnaround times.

What options are available for my custom Photo Dome Pins?

What options would you like? You can choose your size and shape of your pin from a variety of our stock vinyl pin backs. The color and design are entirely up to you. There are different closures, pins can be made into tie clips, money clips, challenge coins or a variety of other options. Let us know what you want and we will be happy to help you make it happen!