Custom Keychains

We have a complete line of attachments for custom keychains to choose from!

If you provide a design, our trained staff can take your concept and create a perfectly designed custom keychain.  Our highly skilled staff will work with you to make sure that the design is suitable for a keychain and is a truly significant and iconic piece.

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

What is a Custom Keychain?

The keychains are basically lapel pins with a different attachment added to the adornment (or face).  Keychains are usually thicker than lapel pins as people prefer a heavier, more substantial metal. The creation of these items usually require different thought processes than crafting a simple lapel pin.

Usually, we suggest keychains with a 3mm thickness, as this creates a really nice and weighted piece, however, because we manufacture all items custom to your specifications, we can create the design in any size, shape or thickness.

Decisions Required For Custom Keychains

Some of the  many decisions when reviewing your design concept include:

  • Do you need the keychain design on both sides?
  • How big do you want the keychain?
  • Do you want to avoid sharp edges?
  • How thick do you want your item to be?
  • What type of keychain attachment do you want?
  • How long should the chain be?

Ordering Custom Keychains

We have  a number of different attachments for our custom keychains to choose from. Simply choose the attachment that suits your needs.  If you are unsure – don’t fret – our staff is here to help. There are many different types of attachments to choose from when designing the perfect piece for your project. Our trained staff will offer you all the available options and walk you through the pros and cons of each choice.

Ordering your custom keychains does not get easier and more hassle-free than this. Our team of trained “PIN”gineers will design and create the perfect custom keychains for you.