Metal Pins and Metal Plating Options

Metal pins can be  plated in various metal colors.  Plating refers to the metal used for the pin, either 100% or in combination with color enamels. All our pins are available in a variety of finishes. Gold, silver, bronze, black nickel and copper are the most commonly used platings. Die-Struck pins can also be plated in an antique finish; the raised areas can be polished and recessed areas matte or textured.

Lapel Pin Plating Options

The plating options can really enhance a lapel pin design, by transforming it into looking like a timeless piece.  The antique plating options are really amazing when it comes to a die struck lapel pin with no color.  The Pin People is also able to create two-tone metal plating options, which many companies are not able to produce.  If your design requires a two tone metal option, simply let us know and we will be able to accommodate that request.

There are many options when it comes to plating.  The one thing that we stress is that sometimes with shiny plating options, small text becomes very hard to read.


custom lapel pin color gold

custom lapel pin color nickel
custom lapel pin color copper
custom lapel pin color silver
custom lapel pin color antique goldcustom lapel pin color antique black nickelcustom lapel pin antique copper custom lapel pin color antique silver
Antique GoldAntique Black NickelAntique CopperAntique Silver
custom lapel pin color bronzecustom lapel pin color matte goldcustom lapel pin color two tonecustom lapel pin color matte nickel
BronzeMatte GoldTwo ToneMatte Nickel
custom lapel pin color antique bronzecustom lapel pin color 24k gold platingcustom lapel pin color sand blast goldcustom lapel pin color sand blast nickel
Antique Bronze24K Gold PlatingSand Blast GoldSand Blast Nickel



Lapel Pin Background Texture Options

Lapel Pin Background Texture Options


Some designs would look better if they did not have a metal color separating the color.  For instance if your design was primarily white and black, a gold or silver metal color separating the color might throw off the design.  For cases like this, we now offer a full dyed lapel pin available in any PMS Color!

The one limitation is that this option is only available for Soft Enamel Pins.

These are examples of a full colored pms dyed lapel pins.

Lapel Pin PMS Dyed Plating Options

Any PMS Color can be chosen for the PMS Dyed Plating Option

You can see that even the back is dyed the color that is chosen.

This works great for:

  • Designs that are primarily one color
  • Designs that are two colors
  • Designs that a metal color would adversely effect the design
  • Designs that are bold without very minor details

If you are not sure, our trained designer can help you figure out the best plating for your custom pin design.

We also have a blog post that explains a little more about the Full PMS Color Dye Plating for Lapel Pins.

Need Help With Your Metal Pins Plating Options?

The textures are for the recessed metal portion of the lapel pin.  This helps to make the raised portion or shiny portions of the pins really stand out.  If you are unsure of which texture will look best on your lapel pins, simply contact our Pingineers via live chat, our contact form or call us at 888-309-PINS and we will be able to help you with the plating options for your metal pins.