Lapel Pin PMS Dyed Plating Options

    PMS Dyed Plating For Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

    It is very rare that in the lapel pin industry a breakthrough happens that makes a radical change.  Well the introduction of PMS Dyed Plating is one of those significant breakthroughs.  You might be asking, what is the big deal?  Well we will show you.

    What Lapel Pin Metal Plating?

    Plating refers to the metal used for the pin, either 100% or in combination with color enamels.  When a lapel pin is being created it is formed from either a mold or a metal stamp.  That is what gives the lapel pin it’s shape.  The lapel pin is then usually sanded and then the electroplating takes place.  The most common metal plating colors for custom pins are gold, silver, bronze, black nickel and copper are the most commonly used platings.

    The metal plating becomes visible on a lapel pin where there is no enamel paint place on the pin.


    Soft Enamel Details Close Up Enamel Paint

    This metal plating usually displays in any raised metal areas, small details, any part of the pin that does not have enamel paint applied to that area, and the border of the pin or coin.

    What is PMS Dyed Plating For Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

    When you are able to change the “background color” or the metal plating color, the whole pin design process and final product completely changes.

    As you can see in the example below how using a black dye plating would change the whole design look.

    Black Metal Plated Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

    The black dye is used to have the raised metal lines that separate the colors show up in black.  It also has the text that are thin raised metal also display in black.

    What Colors Are Available For PMS Color Dyed Plating For Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

    The Color Dyed Plating option allows for any PMS color to be used for the metal plating of your lapel pins.  This process can only be used with soft enamel lapel pins because of the raised and lowered metal process or stamping process used to create the custom pins.  If you are not sure what style lapel pin you would need for your design or project, you can use our Lapel Pin Style Wizard and it will assist you to find the correct style for your design.  Just answer a few questions and it will guide you to the best lapel pin style.

    You will see in this example that any PMS color can be used for the dyed plating process.

    Lapel Pin PMS Dyed Plating Options

    Any PMS Color can be chosen for the PMS Dyed Plating Option

    You can see in the example above image on the left, if the pin had to have a metal plating color, the design would look entirely different.

    This option is definitely not for all custom designed pins, however there are some designs that benefit greatly from having this option available.

    If you are interested in using this option for your pin design, just let our “PIN”gineers know and they will help you to create the perfect design.

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