Lapel Pin Design Tips

Designing Lapel Pins To Be Awesome Using Advanced Techniques

Don’t settle for plain when designing lapel pins, make an AWESOME lapel pin! The Pin People has designed tens of thousands of lapel pins and there have been some of them that have really stood out because of advanced techniques and little thinking outside the box when it comes to lapel pin design.

There are many various techniques and different processes that can be used in order to great an awesome lapel pin.  We will use a few examples of ways to think outside of the box when it comes to designing lapel pins.

Here are two design for awareness ribbon pins:

Hard Enamel Awareness Ribbon Pins

Designing Lapel Pins

Hard Enamel Awareness Ribbon Pin

This design is using a simple Epola or Hard Enamel lapel pin style process.  It is a very simple and straight forward process. There is a cutout, which is the piercing or whole in the middle of the lapel pin.  It also is cut to shape of an awareness ribbon.  The colors are separated by thin metal lines .  It is a very beautiful simple design, however there are a few things that could be done to really make the awareness ribbon design “pop’!

The process of hard enamel allows the pin to have very small detailed metal lines to separate the PMS colors.  Other style pins, such as soft enamel pins, will not allow the fine detail that a hard enamel lapel pins, also known as Resin Epola Style Pins, do.

3D Cast Awareness Ribbon Pins

Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin

3D Cast Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pins

We see here in this example an awesome awareness ribbon lapel pin.  It is using a spun cast design  with colors and layers.  Actually there are two separate pins here.  You will notice the hurricane symbol is actually a separate lapel pin that is attached to the awareness ribbon after the fact.  This second pin makes the design pop a lot more and because of the 3d element that the spun cast design offers, it really makes the pin “pop”.  Which one would you rather?

Designing Lapel Pins – Metal Meets PVC

Designing Lapel Pins


There are other processes that really allow a pin to be brought to the next level.  In this design you actually see the skate pop out in a 3D PVC element.  Well, I think that is awesome!  It definitely separates this ice skating pin from 99% of the other ice skating lapel pins out there.  This is another way to think outside of the box.  Different elements can be combined to create lapel pin awesomeness (ok, not sure if awesomeness is a true word, but we are going to use it!).

Our Experts Can Help You With Designing Lapel Pins

Don’t let the design process scare you.  It should be fun and exciting.  The more you learn about lapel pins the more you appreciate them when you see them worn by different people.

The Pin People has a fully trained staff of “PIN”gineers that can help you make your pin truly awesome!  Designing lapel pins are their specialties, so  let them help you with your original concept to turn a great pin into a truly awesome lapel pin!