Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings

Awareness Ribbon Colors

Awareness Ribbon Colors

Awareness Ribbon Colors

Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings means the color that represents a certain cause. There are thousands of causes that people believe in and support, however not everyone knows that color that represents certain causes.

The Pin People has tried to create a pretty comprehensive list of different causes and the colors that represent that cause, however because there are literally thousands of causes and different colors that represent different causes we do need your help to grow our list, to be truly comprehensive.

You can view the Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings Page that we have created and feel free to drop us a line about any causes that you may have an involvement with that is not currently on our list, and we will add the color to our ever growing list.  Awareness Ribbon Pins have been a center of expressing people dedication to their cause.  We would like to help people better identify those colors for a clearer understanding for everyone.

Awareness Ribbon Color Meaning By Color and Cause

  • Red Ribbon = Aids/HIV, substance abuse, MADD, DARE, Epidermolysis Bullosa, love, heart disease- (also uses the red dress symbol), Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW),
  • Pink Ribbon = Breast Cancer, Birth Parents
  • Orange Ribbon = Hunger, leukemia, cultural diversity and racial tolerance, feral cats, motorcyclist safety, Multiple Sclerosis -wristband only, self injury, Agent Orange exposure
  • Yellow Ribbon = Support our troops, POW/MIA, suicide prevention, adoptive parents, spina biffida, missing children (amber alert), endometriosis, sarcoma, bladder cancer, liver disease and liver cancer, hydrocephalus or hydrocephaly, hope in general
  • Green Ribbon = Tissue and organ donation, depression (both adults and children), bipolar disorder, mental health or illness, eye injuries, Tourette’s Syndrome, bone marrow transplants and donation, worker and driving safety, glaucoma, missing children, leukemia, environment, kidney cancer or kidney disease, neural tube defects, Mitochondrial Disease, growth and rebuilding, Cerebral Palsy
  • Dark Blue Ribbon (Navy) = Child abuse prevention, arthritis, free speech, crime victims rights, water quality, colon cancer, hystiocytosis, domestic violence, water safety (flooding, drowning and accidents), Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), interstitial cystitis, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Reyes Syndrome, education, short bowel syndrome, Myositis, Leukodystrophy, Hurricane Support, police officers lost in the line of duty (AKA, the Thin Blue Line)
  • Purple Ribbon = Domestic violence, overdose awareness, religious tolerance, animal abuse, the victims of 9/11 (includes police and firefighters), pancreatic cancer, Chron’s Disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, leimyosarcoma, macular degeneration, Sjogren’s Syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, sarcoidosis, the homeless, thyroid cancer, ADD, ADHD, alzheimers, cancer survivor (this is a general color that anyone who has survived cancer can wear)
  • White Ribbon = Innocence, victims of terrorism, peace, right to life, diabetes, sexual assault of students,Retinoblastoma, alzheimers, adoption, bone disease and bone cancer, anti-child pornography on the internet
  • Black Ribbon = Mourning, melanoma, anti-gangs, Anti-terrorism in Spain, POW-MIAs, Amish support
  • Brown Ribbon = Anti-tobacco, colorectal cancer
  • Gray Ribbon = Diabetes, brain cancer, asthma and allergies Lime Green Ribbon – Lymphoma, Lyme Disease, Muscular Dystrophy-wristband only, Sandhoff Disease
  • Teal Ribbon = Ovarian, cervical, uterine (all gynecological) cancers, substance abuse, sexual assault, Myasthenia Gravis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Burgundy Ribbon = Hospice care, multiple myeloma, cesarean sections, headaches and migraines, thrombophilia
  • Periwinkle = Eating disorders, pulmonary hypertension, stomach cancer, GERD, IBS
  • Pale Yellow Ribbon = Spina biffida
  • Peach Ribbon = Uterine Cancer, Endometrial Cancer
  • Light Green Ribbon = Pelvic Pain (chronic), Celiac Disease
  • Light Blue Ribbon = Prostate cancer, thyroid disease, lymphedema, Trisomy 18, scleroderma, Graves Disease
  • Lavender Ribbon = All cancers (general cancer awareness), epilepsy, rett syndrome, foster care
  • Pearl Ribbon = lung cancer and lung disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Mesothelioma
  • Silver Ribbon = Children with disabilities, Parkinson’s Disease, any diseases or disorders of the brain including strokes, elderly abuse
  • Gold Ribbon = Childhood Cancer Clear Ribbon = Lung cancer and lung disease, Multiple Sclerosis (secondary to prism)
  • Light Baby Pink and Blue Ribbon = Pregnancy and infant loss, SIDS, Male breast cancer
  • Red and White Ribbon = COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Head and neck cancer, aplastic anemia
  • Red and Yellow Ribbon = Hepatitis C
  • Red, White and Blue Ribbon = Patriotism, 9/11 victims
  • Red and Blue with a Heart Ribbon = Congenital Heart Defects (also red,blue and red stripes)
  • Blue And Yellow = Down Syndrome, designated drivers (The Hero Campaign)
  • Purple Ribbon with a Red rose Ribbon = Cystic Fibrosis
  • Purple And Green Ribbon = Hospice And Pallative Care
  • Purple And Blue Ribbon = Pediatric Stroke
  • Purple and Yellow Ribbon = Chemical Injury (any chemical related boo boos)
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Ribbon = Autism
  • Orchid and Orange Ribbon = psoriasis
  • Lime Green and Aqua Ribbon = adult stem cell donor
  • Teal And Pink Ribbon = Hereditary Breast Cancer or a combo ribbon for gynecological and breast cancers
  • Black and Pink Ribbon = Bone Marrow Donor, loss of a daughter
  • Black and Lt. Blue Ribbon = Loss of a son
  • Black and White Ribbon = Carcinoid Syndrome Cancer (zebra stripes) and anti-racism
  • Black, White And Black (three stripes) Ribbon = Vaccine danger
  • Gold and Black Ribbon = Platelett donor
  • Ivory, Burgundy and Ivory Ribbon = Oral head and neck cancer
  • Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Aqua, Hot Pink Ribbon = Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow Ribbon = STD awareness

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