Custom Enamel Pins Styles

Lapel pins come are manufactured in many different ways. These are the different lapel pin styles:

Below is a brief introduction to the various lapel pin styles available on the market today. If you are still unsure as to what pin quality or style would best suit your design, our trained staff can easily assist you in making the right decision. We recommend these different types of pins.

If you are not sure which lapel pin style is right for your you can use our new Lapel Pin Style Wizard which allows you to find the correct style for your design when you are designing your custom pins or your suit pins.

Custom Designed Lapel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins – Resin EPOLA Lapel Pins

Resin Epola Lapel PinsThis is the most popular style pin on the market today. Manufacturers refer to EPOLA as “Misty’ Cloisonné,” “Resin Cloisonné,” “Imitation Cloisonné,” or “Hard Enamel.” Regardless of the name, Resin EPOLA is the highest quality pin available, and can be characterized by the fact that there are thin metal lines separating each color of your pin. Epola is a resin-based color powder that is heated at 800 to 900 degrees to create a bright, smooth, hard enamel finish. EPOLA pins are color matched using the PMS color chart, which means there are thousands of colors available for you to choose from.

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Cloisonné Lapel Pins

cloisonne sample pinA Cloisonné style pin can be characterized as having a glass-like quality to it. The high luster and durability of Cloisonné style pin is an ancient art that requires meticulous hand-crafted detailing. Your custom designed pin is hand-filled with colored cloisonné pastes and then kiln-fired at very high temperatures. After firing, each pin is hand-polished and plated resulting in an exquisite piece of jewelry.

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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin SampleThese pins offer brilliant color and fine, raised metal detailing. The recessed areas of your custom designed pin are hand-enameled and then kiln-fired. Each pin is hand-polished and then plated. The end result is a truly outstanding product at a very affordable price. Soft enamel pins can also be coated with a protective layer of epoxy for an even more durable finish.

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Deluxe Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pin SampleFine detailing and high-quality finishing gives these pins a “jewelry-quality” appearance and high perceived value–without the high cost. The appearance of your custom die-struck pin is characterized by matte-surfaced backgrounds with raised-relief areas that have been highly polished.  Pins can also be antique finished.

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Photodome/Laser Screen Lapel Pins

Photodome Pin SampleEach design is laser printed and then applied to a lapel pin blank. A very thin Epoxy Coat protects the color material from scratching. Ideal for designs that have fine detail, photos or color gradations. This is the perfect style to choose if you had a picture or an exact image with no metal separating lines.

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3-D Pins and Mini Badges

Mini Badge PinsA beautiful 3D piece with or without color.  Our mini badges have many options.  With a simple photo of your badge we can recreate a miniature replica.  We can make the badge flat, convex (curved), or 3mm thick.  The Mini Badge can come be made with a safety pin backing and any thickness that you prefer. Mini badges can vary in sizes from 3/4 of an inch up to almost 3 inches.  Mini badges can also be created with a two-tone metal option, meaning can have gold/silver in the same design if needed.

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Screen Print Pins

Screen Print Lapel PinsScreen print lapel pins are a perfect option for many designs.  This process is a perfect design choice when you are trying to get a logo or custom design to look the same on your pin as it is in print.  This process does not have metal lines separating colors. Screen print lapel pins do not require epoxy and create a great elegant effect for many designs.

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Still Unsure Which Style?

Let our trained staff assist you through the choices.  Once we see your design we will give you our best recommendation to make your design look fantastic!