Custom Sorority Lapel Pins

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Sorority Pins

Sorority Lapel Pins

Top Quality Sorority Pins

When a new member of a sorority is initiated, she is given a badge as a symbol of her membership. Members feel the sense of belonging if they wear their organization’s symbol. Sorority badges or pins are usually worn during special or official sorority functions and other activities such as charitable events and chapter meetings. The pin or badge should be visible and attractive enough.

Show Your Pride With Sorority Pins

For over 200 years, sororities have helped shape the lives of students specifically in terms of social aspect. The bonds between the members as well as their dedication towards education and the community can last for a lifetime. Enjoyable memories and strong ties are created and cherished. With this, wearing a sorority pin will make each member feel more proud of herself and her sorority. With our quality service, you can custom-design your pins or badges depending on the design you want. Colors and other designs such as a colored gemstone and a motto are all great ways of making your sorority pin more attractive and more relevant to your sisterhood.

Ordering Custom Sorority Pins

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We Can Easily Recreate Your Exact Sorority Pins

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