Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

For the sophisticated look of an all-metal pin, the Die Struck process is the right choice for you.  Nothing beats custom die struck lapel pins for pure simplicity and understated elegance. Simply put, they are timeless. Their classic design and distinct appearance make them a favorite of corporations and non-profit organizations.

Die Struck Lapel Pins Sample

Die Struck Lapel Pins Sample

Custom Die struck lapel pins have numerous purposes and functions, they are often created as years of service awards and as incentives for exceptional employees.  Also academic institutions use these lapel pins in their commencement ceremonies as a way to honor their students’ achievements. Used to signify accomplishments, die struck lapel pins quickly become a cherished keepsake to the recipients of a special award.

What are Die Struck Lapel Pins?

Custom die struck lapel pins are made by creating a die/mold with your chosen design.  This die is then used to cast your lapel pins.  Copper or brass are used because of the soft properties of these metals allows for a sharp and detailed stamping.  A trim tool is then used to carefully cut out the outside shape of your lapel pin.  If needed, sand blasting is used to create the textured or “sandblast” background to ensure that the raised metal portion of the pin “stands out”.  The raised surface of your lapel pin is then polished to a mirror like finish while the background can remain textured.  This gives the die stuck lapel pin it’s distinct jewelry type look.  Finally, you can choose the appropriate attachment, such as a lapel pin, cufflink, tie clips, tie tack, etc.  Die struck lapel pins can be created in any shape and size in order to present the right image for your company.

Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins Are Timeless!

The Die Struck style give the appearance of your image or design being carved into the metal surface of the lapel pin. This creates the illusion of a sculptured piece of jewelry and is quite impressive.  The fine detail and high-quality finish gives these pins a “jewelry-quality” appearance and high perceived value-without the high cost. The appearance of these pins is characterized by matte-surfaced backgrounds with raised-relief areas that have been highly polished. Also, die struck pins can be antique finished. But no matter which finishing process you choose for your Die Struck lapel pins, the same high quality standards apply.

Custom die struck lapel pins are the exact same as soft enamel lapel pins without the color enamel, so if you want an all metal pin with no enamel color, die struck is the best choice.  Die struck lapel pins are subtle, classy and clean so it could be used as a professional, jewelry quality piece.

Order Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

We can take your design and ensure that it looks timeless.  We can show you what your design will look like through a digital sample.  Let our “PIN”gineers create the perfect custom die struck lapel pins for your organization.