The Pin People is a well-respected lapel pin manufacturing company, known for its unwavering commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. We offer our customers promotional items at very reasonable prices, which we’re able to do because of the economies of scale we pick up through mass production and extreme efficiency. We maintain an unbeatable track record for on-time delivery, and understand customer deadlines. We’re always interested in forging long-term relationships with our customers, and often find the same ones consistently returning to place future orders. With respect to business-to-business relations, we are open to partnerships or becoming a valued part of your supply chain, so feel free to contact us regarding such. The Pin People is located just outside of New York, NY in Montvale, NJ.

    Our Address is:
    The Pin People
    1 Paragon Drive, Suite 150 A
    Montvale, NJ 07645
    (888) 309-7467

    Meet The Pin People CEO – Andrew Dale

    Andrew Dale CEO The Pin People

    Andrew Dale – CEO


    About the author of the site: My name is Andrew Dale from Suffern, NY.  I am the CEO of The Pin People, LLC.  I am a retired Police Officer in New York, as well as a Marine Corps veteran.  I graduated  from the Fordham University, Business School.  I hold a BA in Business Management.  I started The Pin People in 2000 and today The Pin People is a top rated lapel manufacturer with clients that include: Verizon Wireless, IDT Telecommunications, Macy’s, Sony, Department of Homeland Security, and the NYPD, just to name a few that you may know.

    My goal is to make the creation of a custom lapel pin as easy for the customer as possible, at the same time creating a timeless masterpiece that will be proudly displayed.

    This website is designed to cover all avenues of this industry as well as give me input to improving the industry standards.

    Enjoy and happy reading!