Custom Money Clips

Custom Money Clips
If you are looking for custom money clips then The Pin People can assist you. We can design and create the perfect custom money clip from your design.  The Pin People are one of the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of lapel pins in the United States.  Located in New York, The Pin People continues to be able to provide superior quality and cutting edge perfection to our products.  Our products along with excellent customer service, makes The Pin People the right choice for your next project.

Custom Money Clips Have Two Basic Components

  • Adornment – This is the flat surface that is attached to either a lapel pin, cufflink, or money clip.
  • Attachment – This is the functioning piece that the adornment is attached to, such as a lapel pin post, money clip, cufflink attachment, tie clip, etc.

Money Clip Options

These attachments can be created in silver or gold metal coloring finishes and also come in various widths. Although we have a minimum order of 100 pieces, there are additional options available if you need is less than 100 money clips.

We do have several different styles and size custom money clip attachments available.  Our “PIN”gineers will work with you to create the perfect effect for your design.  With the use of think or thick money clips, your design can truly shine through and either have a “hang over” logo effect or use a traditional logo mounted on the custom money clip type of design.

Custom money clips are part of the mix and match program.  Because we create the adornment and then attach it to the money clip attachment, we can create other items as well in order to meet the 100 piece minimum threshold.  We would simply mount the adornment on other products that we offer. For instance, with the adornment we can create 20 money clips, 20 sets of custom cufflinks (40 pieces), 20 lapel pins, and 20 tie clips would meet the 100 piece minimum order threshold.  All products, except key chains are available in the mix and match program.

Ordering Custom Money Clips

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about our any of our products or our mix and match program.  You can reach us by email, contact form, or call us 888-309-PINS.

If you are nervous about designing the perfect perfect custom money clips, our “PIN”gineers are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your final product is perfect!