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    Epoxy vs No Epoxy – Custom Lapel Pins

    Epoxy vs No Epoxy, That is the question

    A frequent question we are ask is what is the difference between Epoxy vs No Epoxy, “Should we use an epoxy coating?”

    The answer is not always easy. I am a firm believer that a custom lapel pin is all about personal preference. The epoxy coating is an option but is not always needed.

    Let’s talk about the different styles of lapel pins.

    • The photodome pin must have an epoxy coating. this type of pins are an inexpensive and relatively quick to manufacture. When a design requires color gradients, does not allow for metal lines to separate colors, or involves a picture, then Photo Dome is the proper lapel pin style.Epoxy vs No Epoxy
    • Epola pins or Imitation Hard Enamel pins are not recommended to have an epoxy coating, however I have seen times where epoxy was applied. Epola is a resin-based substance that is heated to create a bright, hard, enamel-like finish. Epola has the similar process to cloisonné. It uses a brilliant colored resin in recessed areas and allows Pantone color matching system.

    Soft enamel lapel pins is usually where the question begins.

    One has to remember, epoxy s used as a protective covering. Oftentimes when lapel pins are going to be worn and exposed to being damaged (such as on a uniform), epoxy is a good idea. Remember that some details will be lost when the epoxy coating is placed on the lapel pin, because of reflections and depth perceptions.

    We hope that you understand better the difference of Epoxy vs No Epoxy and are able to make a better decision when designing you next lapel pin, But if you still have questions, you can always reach out to the pin people and one of our expert designer will help you in every step of your lapel pin desing.

    For more information about creating your custom lapel pin, visit our Custom Lapel Pin School, for a tutorial to any frequently asked questions.

    Epoxy vs No Epoxy

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