Pin School - Learn Tips For Lapel Pin Designing

Custom Designed Lapel Pins

Lapel Pin Designing Tips

  • Use simple fonts for lettering, Arial Times New Roman, etc

Lapel Pin Fonts

  • Use simple fonts for lettering, Arial Times New Roman, etc

  • Small details are usually in metal color.

Lapel Pin Lines

  • Thin or thick metal lines separate color.

Lapel Pin Details

Choosing Colors for Your Lapel Pins

  • Any PMS Color can be used on your design for lapel pins

PMS Color Chart

  • If you prefer no metal lines separating colors on your custom pins you can opt for Screen Printing

Raised and Lowered Metal – Hard or Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

  • Raised and recess metal gives the pin depth and creates great effects

Die Struck Cufflink

  • Sandblasting the background of pin allows the raised polished text to stand out

Raised Metal Coin

  • Sandblasting the background on polished die struck pins reduces the reflectiveness

Die Struck Lapel Pin

  • The pin is measured from longest side to longest side on a straight plane.  Remember that a oblong design and a round design can be the same size, but have a dramatically different look.  Click here to download our Lapel Pin Size Chart

Lapel Pin Size

Metal Color Plating Options for Lapel Pins

  • Click here to see all our metal colors & textures available for your lapel pins

Lapel Pin Metal Colors

Choosing Attachments For Your Lapel Pins

  • You can mix and match the same design and create different products

Lapel Pin Attachments