Pin School - Learn Tips For Lapel Pin Designing

Custom Designed Lapel Pins

Designing Tips

Use simple fonts for lettering, Arial Times New Roman, etc

Lapel Pin Fonts

Use simple fonts for lettering, Arial Times New Roman, etc

Small details are usually in metal color.

Lapel Pin Lines

Thin or thick metal lines separate color.

Lapel Pin Details

Choosing Colors

Any PMS Color can be used on your design

PMS Color Chart

If you prefer no metal lines separating colors you can opt for Screen Printing

Raised and Lowered Metal

Raised and recess metal gives the pin depth and creates great effects

Die Struck Cufflink

Sandblasting the background allows the raised polished text to stand out

Raised Metal Coin

Sandblasting the background on polished die struck pins reduces the reflectiveness

Die Struck Lapel Pin

The pin is measured from longest side to longest side on a straight plane.  Remember that a oblong design and a round design can be the same size, but have a dramatically different look.  Click here to download our Lapel Pin Size Chart

Lapel Pin Size

Metal Colors

Click here to see all our metal colors & textures

Lapel Pin Metal Colors

Choosing an Attachments

You can mix and match the same design and create different products

Lapel Pin Attachments