Custom Lapel Pins – Learning about cutouts

Custom Lapel Pins – Learning about cutouts

When creating custom lapel pins – learning about cutouts will provide whys to enhance the design and it will give you more alternatives for your final design, When most custom lapel pins are created, they are usually a solid metal piece. That does not always have to be the case.

When their is a piercing or whole in a lapel pin, that is called a cutout. A cutout could really create a nice element for a lapel pin, however one needs to make sure that the structural integrity of the pin is not effected.

Cutouts create a beautiful effect for a lapel pin.  Although the cost is a little higher when designing a pin with a cutout, the over all gain for the design maybe worth it.  There are pins that have multiple cutouts to create desired effects.


Custom Lapel Pins - Learning about cutouts

Examples of Lapel Pin Cutouts


Look at the image to see what some people have done with cutouts.   As you can se, some of these pins are just unbelievable, due to the use of cutouts on the custom lapel pin.

When designing your custom lapel pins, have fun and remember cutouts as a possible option.

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