Skyrocket Fundraising Profits Using Custom Lapel Pins

Using Custom Lapel Pins

Using Custom lapel pins are powerful tools if you’re looking to maximize your profits while fundraising. Recently, I was solicited over the phone to donate money for the construction of a new cardiac unit at my local hospital, and while speaking with the solicitor, was invited to a social event planned for all of the contributors. The solicitor further explained that she wanted to send me a lapel pin, and requested that I wear it at the event. Naturally, I inquired as to the significance of the lapel pin, and was informed that it was a custom designed pin of the hospital’s logo that would allow me entrance at the door, and also signify to other attendees the size of my donation. A $100 donation earned me a bronze pin; a $200 donation earned me a silver pin; and a $250 donation allowed me to be a big shot, and earned me a gold pin.

Well, not only did I think of the event as a night out, but also, I figured I’d use it as a chance to network. I didn’t want to be labeled the “cheap guy” while trying to network myself as the entrepreneur of the year, so I opted for the gold pin in the spirit of giving, and in an attempt to be well-perceived.

I was actually shocked that evening: Out of the 400 people that showed up to the event, there were very few bronze pins being worn, almost no silver pins, and over 95% gold pins being worn. I thought, “Wow, what a great fundraising marketing campaign… The other contributors must have fallen in line with the same philosophy.” Needless to say, construction has already begun for the new unit.

In a world of “Perception is reality”, this fundraising marketing technique was truly a winner.

Using Custom Lapel Pins

  • Epoxy vs No Epoxy – Custom Lapel Pins

    One has to remember, epoxy s used as a protective covering. Oftentimes when lapel pins are going to be worn and exposed to being damaged (such as on a uniform), epoxy is a good idea. Remember that some details will be lost when the epoxy coating is placed on the lapel pin, because of reflections and depth perceptions

  • Personalized Cufflinks Accessories Complete The Outfit

    The elegance of this little jewelry for men can be enough to define a style and speaks volumes about the character of the wearer. The tie knot is supposed to be the developer of personality but the cufflinks can say a lot too.

  • 3D Lapel Pin Example

    The Difference Between 3D Lapel Pins And Die Struck Lapel Pins

    We are often asked to explain the difference between a 3d design lapel pin and a die struck lapel pin. The difference is huge, however certain designs do not require a 3d lapel pin design.  The answer is, it really depends on the design. I will show some examples of the differences. 

  • Designing Lapel Pins To Be Awesome Using Advanced Techniques

    There are many various techniques and different processes that can be used in order to great an awesome lapel pin.  We will use a few examples of ways to think outside of the box when it comes to designing lapel pins.

  • How To Properly Measure Lapel Pins

    Find out how lapel pins are measured and help you make a better informed decision if you are designing you own lapel pin or thinking about a custom lapel pin in the future.

  • Custom Lapel Pins

    Custom Lapel Pins have always been just a trinket that people have never paid much attention to.  Then when 9/11 hit, they made a huge come back to show support for the NYPD and  the FDNY.

  • Custom Lapel Pins – Learning about cutouts

    Cutouts create a beautiful effect for a lapel pin.  Although the cost is a little higher when designing a pin with a cutout, the over all gain for the design maybe worth it.  There are pins that have multiple cutouts to create desired effects.

  • A New Canvas Found In Lapel Pins

    I was recently contacted by a client who was an artist. This artist was having an exhibition of their work in New York City Art Gallery. This artist had an idea that they wanted to capitalize on the exposure that they would receive at the exhibition. So hence an idea was born!