Custom Lapel Pin Sizes and Measurements

Lapel Pin Sizes – How to measure a lapel pin!

When designing lapel pins or creating a custom lapel pin, the first consideration that you must make is size.

Lapel Pins come in every different size and shape that you can imagine. So let’s discuss how a lapel pin is measured. Place a ruler on the table. Lay the lapel pin on the ruler. Now measure the two furtherest points. This will give you the size of the pin in inches.

Measuring a Lapel Pin Using A Grid

When using a grid to measure a lapel pin, you would use the larger number that is shown on the X or Y axis.

If it is easier, think about if you drew a square or a rectangle around your design, ensuring the entire design fit into that square or rectangle.  Then measure the longest side and that will tell you the size of the lapel pin.

Most custom lapel pins vary in size from 1/2 inch , 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch. These sizes are mentioned because they are the most popular sizes, however you can choose any size that you like. When considering size, detail gets lost in small pins. If you are looking to create a very detailed lapel pin, you should look to a 7/8 inch to 1 1/2 inch size pin. Our art department made a tutorial that explains how to determine a lapel pin size very well. The lapel pin size chart in .pdf can be found here.

Choosing the right size when designing lapel pins

Remember the edges of the lapel pins are metal and the colors of the lapel pins are usually separated by a metal line.Lapel Pin Fonts

Simple fonts should be used to ensure that the words can be read properly. Script fonts are very difficult to read when a lapel pin is created. Remember most text is in metal so a block type font always is recommended. The smaller the pin is the harder the words are to read. Larger lapel pins can use more difficult fonts.

Need Help Designing Lapel Pins?

If you are not sure about different elements when you are designing lapel pins you can always contact our PINgineers and they are always available to assist you.  You can either use our live chat, email us or call us at 888-309-PINS, as we love to assist people that are designing lapel pins.

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