Lapel Pin Art Canvas Design

    A New Canvas Found In Lapel Pins

    I was recently contacted by a client who was an artist. This artist was having an exhibition of their work in New York City Art Gallery. This artist had an idea that they wanted to capitalize on the exposure that they would receive at the exhibition. So hence an idea was born!

    This artist photographed their artwork at 300 dpi and forwarded me the images. We were able to create a set of custom lapel pins in a photodome style, for 5 of the top pieces.

    These pins were sold at the event, so that each of the visitors could bring home a little piece of the exhibit. These pins would be a conversation piece as well as a marketing tool for weeks, months, and years to come.

    One pin was given to each visitor with option to buy the rest of the set. Well, after we received our feedback, I found that the sales were unbelievable and the pins actually sold out.

    The art gallery was apparently impressed with the response and they wanted to work out arrangements for future artists.

    This was a unique request which has opened our eyes to a new niche within the market.

    Who would have thought a new canvas found in a lapel pin that is now a mobile billboard for an artist.

    The customer joked that his work might now be seen in many other galleries, but now in the form of a pin worn by an visitor at his exhibition.

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