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Welcome to The Pin People Blog.  Here I will discuss all aspects of lapel pins, tie clips, money clips, challenge coins, awareness ribbon pins, tie tacks and key chains.  We will even go into Fiesta Pins and Medals.

Check back often, I will try to post at least a few times a week, usually about questions that customers have forwarded to me.  I will try to answer every lapel pin related questions that I can.  I look forward to a long blogging career!

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    Custom Lapel Pins

    Custom Lapel Pins have always been just a trinket that people have never paid much attention to.  Then when 9/11 hit, they made a huge come back to show support for the NYPD and  the FDNY.

  • David M. Marchetti Reply July 24, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Considering private security out numbers our baby brother law enforcement I’d love to see standardized uniform citations created for the security profession. Every year in America professional Security Officers make criminal arrests, protect people and property, and in many cases save lives and also pay the price. On 9/11 31 men and women of our profession did our profession proud and stood their posts and died while saving others. It is the Security Profession that are America’s unsung hero’s, maybe our problems is we don’t play up to the media as much when one of us dies or does something good. But as a profession we can at least display our accomplishments as a profession by wearing custom citation bars befitting not only our profession but in memory of the men and women who died and those who were saved on 9/11 by Security Officers.

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