We are often asked to explain the difference between a 3d design lapel pin and a die struck lapel pin.
The difference is huge, however certain designs do not require a 3d lapel pin design.  The answer is, it really depends on the design.
I will show some examples of the differences.  They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe that it hold true when trying to demonstrate the difference between the 3d design and die struck lapel pin designs also known as soft enamel lapel …

Designing Lapel Pins For Awesomeness
Don’t settle for plain when designing lapel pins, make an AWESOME lapel pin! The Pin People has designed tens of thousands of lapel pins and there have been some of them that have really stood out because of advanced techniques and little thinking outside the box when it comes to lapel pin design.
There are many various techniques and different processes that can be used in order to great an awesome lapel pin.  we will use a few examples of ways to think outside of the box …

We are often questioned about the size of lapel pins.  People often ask how do I know what size pin I want?  Well, in this post I will talk about how lapel pins are measured and help you make a better informed decision if you are designing you own lapel pin or thinking about a custom lapel pin in the future.
Ok, a lapel pin is measured on the longest side.  Now this get’s slightly confusing.  It is not measured diagonally like a computer monitor or television set, instead the easiest …

Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings means the color that represents a certain cause. There are thousands of causes that people believe in and support, however not everyone knows that color that represents certain causes.
The Pin People has tried to create a pretty comprehensive list of different causes and the colors that represent that cause, however because there are literally thousands of causes and different colors that represent different causes we do need your help to grow our list, to be truly comprehensive.
You can view the Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings Page …

Nursing School Pins and Nursing Pins
Nursing Pins have always been popular with Nursing students and nurses.  If you are in a Nursing School or if your Nursing School is looking for custom Nursing School Lapel Pins, we can help.
The Pin People has been providing quality custom lapel pins to schools and agencies for years.  If you are in need of nursing pins for your graduating Nursing School class we can set up a program for your class to create the perfect lapel pin for your Nursing School or graduating class.
Our …

Custom Lapel Pins have always been just a trinket that people have never paid much attention to.  Then when 9/11 hit, they made a huge come back to show support for the NYPD and  the FDNY.    Companies started to realize that this was an effective way to market.  If you could create a custom lapel pin and the costs were minimal, it could act as a walking billboard for your company, or even substitute for a uniform if you had a workforce that wore business attire.
Now companies everywhere are using …

When most custom lapel pins are created, they are usually a solid metal piece. That does not always have to be the case.
When their is a piercing or whole in a lapel pin, that is called a cutout. A cutout could really create a nice element for a lapel pin, however one needs to make sure that the structural integrity of the pin is not effected.
Cutouts create a beautiful effect for a lapel pin.  Although the cost is a little higher when designing a pin with a cutout, …

Custom lapel pins are powerful tools if you’re looking to maximize your profits while fundraising. Recently, I was solicited over the phone to donate money for the construction of a new cardiac unit at my local hospital, and while speaking with the solicitor, was invited to a social event planned for all of the contributors. The solicitor further explained that she wanted to send me a lapel pin, and requested that I wear it at the event. Naturally, I inquired as to the significance …

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We receive the question very often, “Should we use an epoxy coating?”
The answer is not always easy. I am a firm believer that a custom lapel pin is all about personal preference. The epoxy coating is an option but is not always needed.
Let’s talk about the different styles of lapel pins.

The photodome pin must have an epoxy coating.
Epola pins or Imitation Hard Enamel pins are not recommended to have an epoxy coating, however I have seen times where epoxy was applied.

Soft enamel lapel pins is usually where …