How To Properly Measure Lapel Pins

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We are often questioned about the size of lapel pins.  People often ask how do I know what size pin I want?  Well, in this post I will talk about how lapel pins are measured and help you make a better informed decision if you are designing you own lapel pin or thinking about a custom lapel pin in the future.

Finding a Lapel Pin Size

Lapel Pin Sizes

How To Find The Size Of A Lapel Pin

Ok, a lapel pin is measured on the longest side.  Now this get’s slightly confusing.  It is not measured diagonally like a computer monitor or television set, instead the easiest way to measure a lapel pin is like this.  Draw a square or rectangle around your pin.  Then measure the longest side.  That is the size of your pin.  Remember it must be a square or a rectangle, and that will give you the right size.  See our sizing chart for a few examples.

How To Properly Determine A Lapel Pin Size

  • Draw or imagine a box around a lapel pin
  • Measure straight across from longest plane to longest plane
  • Do not measure on a diagonal
  • Can be measured in inches or millimeters

I recently had a customer who wanted a 2 ½ inch pin.  When I explained the sizing chart, he immediately said, ”Whoa!  That is way too big for what we are looking for, maybe an 1 ½ is more our speed.”  After this simple explanation he ordered the size pin that he truly wanted and would have been very dissatisfied with the 2 ½ inch design for his project.

I hope this explains how to properly measure your lapel pins!

About The CEO 

Andrew Dale is a former United States Marine and former Police Officer in New York. He is now the CEO of The Pin People. The Pin People is largest distributor, designers and manufacturer of custom lapel pins in the United States. Located in New York, The Pin People has become the brand name for lapel pins.

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