Lapel Pin Terminology

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Let’s discuss some terminology, to make everyone an expert in the field of Custom Lapel Pins. Well, at least when you are at your next cocktail party and someone begins discussing Lapel Pins, you can stun everyone by your overwhelming knowledge of Lapel Pin Terminology!

It is very simple.

  • The face of the pin is called the adornment. That is where your logo or design would be.
  • Anything we add to the back of the adornment is considered an attachment. When we attach a nail or a post, with a clutch, we call it a lapel pin. When we attach the adornment to a money clip, we call it a money clip. When we attach the adornment to a tie clip, well you get the picture.

These are some considerations that you can create.

Available attachments:

  • Standard Lapel Pins: Nail or Post. Then the choice of the clutch comes in. You can choose a rubber clutch or metal butterfly clutch.
  • Money Clips. The adornment is attached to a money clip. Money clips come in silver or gold and in different sizes.
  • Tie Clips. The adornment is attached to a tie clip. Tie clips come in silver or gold and in different sizes.
  • Tie Tacks. Tacks tacks are very similar to a standard lapel pin, however the nail or post is slightly bigger and comes with a deluxe metal clutch. A chain is optional.
  • Cufflinks | cuff links. The adornment is attached to a cufflink attachment. Available in silver or gold that is matched to the metal color of the pin.
  • Golf Ball Markers. The golf ball attachment is a metal stud that is thicker than a nail from a standard lapel pin and is not sharp. Also available in gold or silver.

A mix and match of custom lapel pins, money clips, tie bars, tie tacks, cuff links, and golf ball markers all from the same adornment is available.

Making a keychain is different. When we first create the mold we ensure that we have the loop created within the design to hold the key chain attachment.

About The CEO 

Andrew Dale is a former United States Marine and former Police Officer in New York. He is now the CEO of The Pin People. The Pin People is largest distributor, designers and manufacturer of custom lapel pins in the United States. Located in New York, The Pin People has become the brand name for lapel pins.

Andrew Dale