Lapel Pin Boot Camp - Learn About Lapel Pins

Lapel Pin Basic Training School

The Pin People created the first Pin School, to assist anyone who looking to create a custom lapel pin. Although we are constantly adding new tutorials to pin school, you will find very useful tutorials to assist you with you custom lapel pin designing process.

Lapel Pin Terminology

Let’s discuss some terminology, to make everyone an expert in the field of Custom Lapel Pins. Well, at least when you are at your next cocktail party and someone begins discussing Lapel Pins, you can stun everyone by your overwhelming knowledge of Lapel Pin Terminology! It is very simple. The face of the pin isRead more

Lapel Pin Blog

Welcome to The Pin People Blog.  Here I will discuss all aspects of lapel pins, tie clips, money clips, challenge coins, awareness ribbon pins, tie tacks and key chains.  We will even go into Fiesta Pins and Medals. Check back often, I will try to post at least a few times a week, usually aboutRead more