Pin School

Pin School


• Design Tips
Lapel Pin Fonts
Use simple fonts for lettering, Arial Times New Roman, etc.
Lapel Pin Lines
Small details are usually in metal color.
Lapel Pin Details
Thin or thick metal lines separate color.

• Choosing Colors

PMS Color Chart All available colors for your pin can be found on the PMS Color Chart.
Any color found on the PMS Color Chart (Coated) can be applied to your design.

• Design Process (How it’s made)

A detailed Lapel Pin Manufacturing Process.

Click here to see a Printable Version of the Manufacturing process.


• Screen Printing

Screen Print Lapel pin If you prefer not to have thin metal lines separating elements, You can opt for A Screen printing process.

• Raised and Lowered Metal

Die Struck Cufflink

Raised Metal Coin

Raised and recessed metal gives the pin depth and creates great effects.
Die Struck Lapel Pin Sandblasting the background creates a beautiful effect.

• Choosing the right size

Lapel Pin Size The pin is measured from longest side to longest side on a straight plane.  Remember that a oblong design and a round design can be the same size, but have a dramatically different look.

Click here to download a Printable Size Chart Printable File


• Metal Colors

Lapel Pin Metal Colors Click here to see all our metal colors & textures

• Choosing an Attachment

You can display your emblem/logo/image on Lapel
Pins, Awareness Ribbons, Citation Bars, Mini
Badges, Key Chains,Money Clips,Tie Clips / Tack, Challenge
Coins, Cufflinks,Golf Ball Markers,Fiesta Pins and many other attachments.
 Attachment Animation  

• Mix and Match

About The CEO 

Andrew Dale is a former United States Marine and former Police Officer in New York. He is now the CEO of The Pin People. The Pin People is largest distributor, designers and manufacturer of custom lapel pins in the United States. Located in New York, The Pin People has become the brand name for lapel pins.

Andrew Dale