Recognition Pins

Recognition pins for employees are a fun and unique way to not only reward someone, but to honor them.  These pins can be used for many reasons and can be given to people of all ages.  It is a different way to reward accomplishments and recognize those who have gone above and beyond. The Pin People is a custom manufacturer of lapel pins and can assist you with the perfect custom lapel pin! Recognition pins may be used by schools, businesses, clubs, sports teams, law enforcement, and even the military.  They can be presented on an individual basis or to a group.  They can be used as incentive to help people maintain a specific goal or they can be given as a surprise reward when certain accomplishment have been met.  Lapel pins may be given by itself or in conjunction with a plaque, a certificate, or any other reward or award.

Employee Recognition Pins

Award Pins For Recognition

School Award Pins Motivate Students

Some schools use pins as part of an incentive program to motivate children to do well.  They may receive a perfect attendance pin perhaps, or maybe a pin for getting on the honor roll.  There may be a class participation pin, or even a most improved student.  Award pins may be given in specific subject areas as well.  Teachers may also receive such pins for teacher of the year or for reaching a specific number of years in a school or district. Clubs and sports teams may also have lapel pins that they use for awards and recognizing the accomplishment of their players and support staff.  The scouts may also distribute these pins in addition to badges. There are also many businesses that use recognition pins to reward employees for such things as years of service or employee of the month.  Pins may also be presented in certain fields for a specific job or accomplishment. Some recognition pins are also used as a means of identifying a specific position.  Some may wear a pin to state their position within a company.  For example, a nurse may wear an “RN” pin or an educator may wear a “teacher of the year” pin.

Volunteer Lapel Pins Show Appreciation

Volunteers are also often awarded a lapel pin for recognition.  They may receive such an honor for hours worked, years served, or going above and beyond the call of duty for their specific job or task. No matter what the cause, recognition pins can be used by kids and adults alike.  They are a special way of saying thank you or expressing an outstanding job.  Lapel pins are a fun yet simple way to honor someone and make them feel as special as they are.  They are a great way of boosting moral and giving the recipient a way to share their pride!