Custom Police Mini Badges

Custom Police Mini Badges

Mini Badges

Custom Police Mini Badges

We can easily create custom mini badges, custom police badges, or courtesy badges for your agency! All of our mini badges are made of the highest quality, and are 2.7 – 3mm thick. Not only are we capable of creating beautiful mini badges, but also, we can create regular-sized badges

Although we can create any size –or shape—you’re looking for, generally speaking, a 1 ¼ – 1 ½ inch design is ideal and fits perfectly into any courtesy wallet.

We’ve created thousands of different mini badges for local, state, and federal agencies across this country and abroad. All of the samples displayed on this website were created by us for those agencies. Our references will confirm that our quality is second to none. Contact us, and we’ll help you come up with a winning solution.

Ordering Custom Mini Badges

We usually require a minimum order of 100 pieces; depending on how close we get to that threshold, though, we may be able to accommodate smaller orders. Let us work with you today to design the perfect piece for your agency!

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About The CEO 

Andrew Dale is a former United States Marine and former Police Officer in New York. He is now the CEO of The Pin People. The Pin People is largest distributor, designers and manufacturer of custom lapel pins in the United States. Located in New York, The Pin People has become the brand name for lapel pins.

Andrew Dale