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Original and hand-made custom Cloisonne lapel pins are more than signage; they are enduring symbols of business ideals and aspirations.  If you want to create a lasting impression for your business, then you need to invest Cloisonne.  The beauty of Cloisonne lies in the fact that it fits well in a number of scenarios from product launch to public events. You can also use them skillfully to reinforce your brand, or award you staff.  Here are compelling reasons why you should invest in timeless artworks from The Pin People.
Custom Cloisonne …

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What Are Soft Enamel Pins?
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins
Most of the lapel pins you see that are being worn today are the Soft Enamel type of lapel pin. Soft enamel lapel pins offer many of the same benefits as of cloisonné. They are popular due to their textured surface and great value. They are one of our most popular choices for custom lapel pins because it offers a great looking product for a price slightly less than the cloisonné lapel pin process or imitation enamel lapel pins. Soft enamel lapel pins …

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Many people do not understand the amount of effort that goes into creating a great lapel pin.  Many people are also very nervous about creating a lapel pin for their organization, as it is not something that is done everyday by people.  We created a great Ebook, for download, The Custom Lapel Pin Buyers Guide – Understanding The World Of Lapel Pins.  The Ebook goes in to depth on the following subjects.
Originally this guide was used as an in house training guide for new employees and a few customers that …

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Custom Baseball Trading Pins
Do you need a well-made, stunning and impressive baseball trading pins for your team for the game season?  Searching for a trustworthy company that is expertly and with a long history of experience in providing top quality trading pins? Searching is now over and you don’t have to search further! The Pin People are right here! The Pin People are a well-known company that has a firm commitment when it comes to superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Our customized trading pins have received national compliments …

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Custom Lapel Pin Sample Pictures
We’ve worked on thousands of different projects, making our client list a who’s who of multinational corporations, law enforcement agencies, and charitable organizations. The following are just a few of our samples, although thousands more are available upon request.

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Ready to Buy, Purchase or Order Custom Lapel Pins?
Custom lapel pins can be created in many different shapes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a hard enamel, soft enamel, cloisonné, or deluxe die struck pin, let our highly trained staff assist you in choosing the right style based on your design.  We make the designing and purchasing of your pins easy, and will assist with the creative process, including style choices, attachment options, and colors.
When it comes time to buy or purchase lapel pins, sometimes people become gun shy because …

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Custom Lapel Pins are one of the greatest ways to market your organization or show your support for any cause.  The Pin People ® design and manufacture the highest quality custom lapel pins, police mini badges, and awareness ribbon pins on the market today. We’ve created some of the finest custom pins and police mini badges around, and our work is prominently displayed throughout our website. Not only do we specialize in custom pins and police mini badges, but also we create other custom keepsakes, such as money …