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The Pin People is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of motorcycle pins and biker pins in the United States. The company is well respected and famous for its unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and superior quality. Besides, the company offers excellent customer service that is unrivaled in the industry.  The Pin People stands tall in New York. Our company enjoys economies of scale given its extreme efficiency and mass production. This enables the company to offer its products and services at affordable prices in the market. This coupled with …

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3D Pins vs Die Struck Lapel Pins
We are often asked to explain the difference between a 3d design lapel pin and a die struck lapel pin. The difference is huge, however certain designs do not require a 3d lapel pin design.  The answer is, it really depends on the design. I will show some examples of the differences.  They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe that it hold true when trying to demonstrate the difference between the 3d design and die struck lapel …

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Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins
For the sophisticated look of an all-metal pin, the Die Struck process is the right choice for you.  Nothing beats custom die struck lapel pins for pure simplicity and understated elegance. Simply put, they are timeless. Their classic design and distinct appearance make them a favorite of corporations and non-profit organizations.
Die Struck Lapel Pins
Custom Die struck lapel pins have numerous purposes and functions, they are often created as years of service awards and as incentives for exceptional employees.  Also academic institutions use these lapel pins in …

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Below is a brief introduction to the various pin qualities and styles available on the market today. If you are still unsure as to what pin quality or style would best suit your design, our trained staff can easily assist you in making the right decision. We recommend these different types of pins:
Resin EPOLA Lapel Pins
This is the most popular style pin on the market today. Manufacturers refer to EPOLA as “Misty’ Cloisonné,” “Resin Cloisonné,” “Imitation Cloisonné,” or “Hard Enamel.” Regardless of the name, Resin EPOLA is the highest quality …