Custom Lapel Pins have always been just a trinket that people have never paid much attention to.  Then when 9/11 hit, they made a huge come back to show support for the NYPD and  the FDNY.    Companies started to realize that this was an effective way to market.  If you could create a custom lapel pin and the costs were minimal, it could act as a walking billboard for your company, or even substitute for a uniform if you had a workforce that wore business attire.
Brand Awareness and Corporate Identity …

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We receive the question very often, “Should we use an epoxy coating?”
The answer is not always easy. I am a firm believer that a custom lapel pin is all about personal preference. The epoxy coating is an option but is not always needed.
Let’s talk about the different styles of lapel pins.

The photodome pin must have an epoxy coating.
Epola pins or Imitation Hard Enamel pins are not recommended to have an epoxy coating, however I have seen times where epoxy was applied.

Soft enamel lapel pins is usually where …

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