I was recently contacted by a client who was an artist. This artist was having an exhibition of their work in New York City Art Gallery. This artist had an idea that they wanted to capitalize on the exposure that they would receive at the exhibition. So hence an idea was born!

Designing Lapel Pins
When designing lapel pins or creating a custom lapel pin, the first consideration that you must make is size.
Lapel Pins come in every different size and shape that you can imagine. So let’s discuss how a lapel pin is measured. Place a ruler on the table. Lay the lapel pin on the ruler. Now measure the two furtherest points. This will give you the size of the pin in inches. Most custom lapel pins vary in size from 1/2 inch , 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1 …

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The Pin People created the first Pin School, to assist anyone who looking to create a custom lapel pin.
Although we are constantly adding new tutorials to pin school, you will find very useful tutorials to assist you with you custom lapel pin designing process.
At pin school you will learn about:

Best used Lapel Pin fonts.
Metal Colors – Gold, Silver, Nickel, Antique finishes and other plated colors available.
The design process
Raised and lowered metal in die struck pins and the effects that you can create. Sandblasting the background and more.
Screen printing
Small details …

Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pins
Awareness ribbon pins have long served as a way for people to make a statement of support for a cause or issue. We create thousands of awareness ribbon pins annually, and can easily customize pins to fit your needs to help you represent your cause, business, or organization. Our awareness ribbon pins are tailor-made to your specifications, which means that you pick the color schemes, design, and layout. We use the Pantone Matching System, which means that identifying and matching the exact colors you’d like to …

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Let’s discuss some terminology, to make everyone an expert in the field of Custom Lapel Pins. Well, at least when you are at your next cocktail party and someone begins discussing Lapel Pins, you can stun everyone by your overwhelming knowledge of Lapel Pin Terminology!
It is very simple.

The face of the pin is called the adornment. That is where your logo or design would be.
Anything we add to the back of the adornment is considered an attachment. When we attach a nail or a post, with a clutch, we call …

Welcome to The Pin People Blog.  Here I will discuss all aspects of lapel pins, tie clips, money clips, challenge coins, awareness ribbon pins, tie tacks and key chains.  We will even go into Fiesta Pins and Medals.
Check back often, I will try to post at least a few times a week, usually about questions that customers have forwarded to me.  I will try to answer every lapel pin related questions that I can.  I look forward to a long blogging career!