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Are you looking for effective and highly impressionable memento or recognition signs, then you should look at custom screen printed lapel pins.   Do you want to spruce up your company’s recognition and award program with affordable lapel pins? If so, consider the allure of screen printed lapel pins in their entirety. These lapels pins are highly versatile that’s why they render themselves useful for many purposes.
Although screen printing is a fairly new technology, it works pretty with complex designs and colors. The beauty of offset lapel pins lies in …

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Original and hand-made custom Cloisonne lapel pins are more than signage; they are enduring symbols of business ideals and aspirations.  If you want to create a lasting impression for your business, then you need to invest Cloisonne.  The beauty of Cloisonne lies in the fact that it fits well in a number of scenarios from product launch to public events. You can also use them skillfully to reinforce your brand, or award you staff.  Here are compelling reasons why you should invest in timeless artworks from The Pin People.
Custom Cloisonne …

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Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins
For the sophisticated look of an all-metal pin, the Die Struck process is the right choice for you.  Nothing beats custom die struck lapel pins for pure simplicity and understated elegance. Simply put, they are timeless. Their classic design and distinct appearance make them a favorite of corporations and non-profit organizations.

Custom Die struck lapel pins have numerous purposes and functions, they are often created as years of service awards and as incentives for exceptional employees.  Also academic institutions use these lapel pins in their commencement ceremonies …

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Custom Baseball Trading Pins

Do you need a well-made, stunning and impressive baseball trading pins for your team for the game season?  Searching for a trustworthy company that is expertly and with a long history of experience in providing top quality trading pins? Searching is now over and you don’t have to search further! The Pin People are right here!
The Pin People are a well-known company that has a firm commitment when it comes to superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Our customized trading pins have received national compliments and are …

Designing Lapel Pins
When designing lapel pins or creating a custom lapel pin, the first consideration that you must make is size.
Lapel Pins come in every different size and shape that you can imagine. So let’s discuss how a lapel pin is measured. Place a ruler on the table. Lay the lapel pin on the ruler. Now measure the two furtherest points. This will give you the size of the pin in inches. Most custom lapel pins vary in size from 1/2 inch , 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1 …